Friday, March 20, 2015

Frozen picture into blanket

Frozen Fur Blanket Smooth And Soft

Frozen Film is a film that is in demand by everyone. 3D movie production for Walt Disney Animation Studios was first released in 2013 and received numerous awards. In 2015, the Disney production company officially announced Frozen showtimes short film titled "Frozen Fever". The film will be aired next start March 13, 2015. often used as a frozen image on the blanket. and a blanket of frozen picture is much in demand by the girls

Frozen blanket Smooth And Soft
Frozen blanket is very soft because it is made of polyester fiber cloth. Polyester material has many advantages: the fabric is made very difficult to stain stick, and absorbs very little moisture, so that mildew, fungi, bacteria, etc. do not live on it. Polyester is resistant to heat (dryer and iron), with a melting temperature of 265 degrees Celsius (in comparison, nylon melts at 175 degrees Celsius). Polyester does not easily fade, resistant to chemicals, and can be washed or dry-cleaned with any type of cleaning solution.

Frozen Blanket Motif
Below are some images frozen in a quilt motifs are very pretty smooth and soft, this blanket can be your friend in watching television or even to sleep in your favorite children. The frozen blankets, among others: